Airborne Commemoration Arnhem-West back after Covid period.

The annual Airborne commemoration took place again on Friday afternoon 16 September 2022 at the “Remember September 1944” monument, on Nassauplein in the Arnhem district of Lombok.
In the past two years, only a small limited commemoration was possible due to Covid measures, but this year the commemoration was held again with a large audience.

Arjan Vrieze Photography.
Grote publieke belangstelling voor de Airborne-herdenking op vrijdag 16 september 2022, op het Nassauplein in Lombok, t.g.v. de 78-ste herdenking van de Slag om Arnhem.

During this commemoration, all British servicemen and also Arnhem civilians are commemorated, who fell or died during the Battle of Arnhem, in the area between the railway yard of Arnhem station, in the Lombok district and on and around Utrechtseweg and Onderlangs.

This commemoration is an initiative of the Comité Airborne Herdenking Arnhem-West. In this committee, the Arnhem-West district (Lombok), the West Arnhemsche Muziekvereeniging and the Montessori College Arnhem work together. This Utrechtseweg-based educational institution has also officially adopted the monument.

During the commemoration, an important role was played by the pupils of Montessori College Arnhem. After all, it is they who will have to keep the memory of the sacrifices of the allied soldiers of September 1944 alive in the years to come. So almost literally; “Remember September 1944”. Alderman Marco van der Wel of the Municipality of Arnhem, the Second Secretary of the British Embassy in The Hague, Alex Keighley and Lt Colonel Liam Cradden of The Parachute Regiment also laid a wreath.

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Picture taken by Arjan Vrieze

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